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A message from course creator, Ava Sharma.

Dear parents:
Does your teen feel anxious about Math? 
Do they shut down or give up easily whenever they get stuck?
Do they overly compare themselves to other students in their class?

Hi, my name is Ava Sharma, and I’ve been a private Math tutor for over 14 years.  

Throughout my career, I’ve helped hundreds of high school and middle school students overcome Math related anxieties, feel confident in their abilities, and optimize their Math performance.

Here are some testimonials from parents who have worked with me:

In my experience, I’ve found that, while many students desire to do well in Math, what often gets in the way of their success are deep emotional blocks - such as self consciousness, intimidation, or the belief that their efforts will not produce results. Over time, these limiting beliefs can become so hard coded that even tutoring and extra help don't necessarily resolve the issues.

However, it is important that these issues are resolved because Math often plays a bigger role than we realize in the overall confidence of students. I know this because I’ve seen significant personality transformations in my own students as they start to develop confidence in Math. 

In other words, Math is not just Math for these students - it's something that has the power to dictate how they feel about themselves.

To help students develop confidence through Math, I've put together a course that improves their study habits, strengthens their beliefs in their Mathematical abilities, and motivates them to step up to the challenge.

I present to you the Math Confidence Coaching Course...

What is the Math Confidence Coaching Course?

It is a 2.5 hour video course that helps high school and middle school level students by:

  • Answering to their unspoken concerns,
  • Giving them tools for seeing Math more simplistically,
  • Shifting their beliefs about what’s possible, and 
  •  Motivating students with incentives that speak to them.

How does it work?

Once enrolled, students watch one 15-30 minute video lesson per week, for 8 weeks, and complete the accompanying quizzes and exercises. (Note: students still continue to have access to the full course after the 8 weeks).

As students go through the course, they learn how to study effectively, and slowly start to realize that there is more in their power and capability to do to improve their Mathematical abilities, along with the motivation to try.

A Case Study: From the student's POV

When Dylan started this course, he was coming out of his high school freshman year, in which he had failed every test in Math except one.

His motivation was low and his attitude towards the subject was rejecting. He told me about how he and another student in his class would brag to each other about who scored lower on tests.

After taking the course, his perspective and mindset had evolved.

Here are some parts from my post-course interview with him:

What do students learn?

Overview of the Course Curriculum:

Lesson 1: Introduction

In the first section of this course, students learn how having an attitude of confidence can positively impact their results in Math, how it’s possible to maintain confidence in Math even if their results contradict that feeling, and how this course will help them do that. 

Lesson 2: The Basics

Students start to develop the fundamental study habits that are needed for success in Math. In this lesson, students learn exactly what those “base-line” habits are, how to carry them out consistently, and why they should persist in their attempts, even if they feel uncertain about what they’re learning.

Lesson 3: The Mindset

Students learn about various mindsets and attitudes that one can adopt when it comes to academics, with a deeper dive into the mindset that best supports learning - the Growth mindset. In this lesson, students are also taught how to effectively assert themselves through the often vulnerable process of learning, in a way that allows them to maintain their dignity and confidence.

Lesson 4: The Game Plan

In this section, students take stock of their current academic situation, what they’re aiming for, and develop values, such as self compassion, that will help them get the results they want. This lesson offers a high-level game plan for both the students that are struggling just to pass their class, as well as the students that are hoping to improve their already “good” grade.  

Lesson 5: Thinking like a teacher

In this paradigm shifting section, students explore the construction of tests from the perspective of a teacher, learning how questions can be made progressively challenging within just one concept, and a study strategy for optimizing their results on tests. They are also encouraged to be more attentive and engaged in class. 

Lesson 6: Word Problems

To help students tackle a commonly intimidating aspect of Math (word problems), in this section, students learn how they can view themselves as playing 3 different roles in order to master their problem solving abilities.  

Lesson 7: Focus, Memorization, and Test Anxiety Tips

This section goes over tips and tactics for improving focus, memorization, and tackling test anxiety. The tactics covered in this section are helpful to students not just in Math, but can also be applied to various subjects.

Lesson 8: Recap and Inspiration

In the conclusion of this course, students review the main ideas that were covered in the course, and are left with powerful and inspiring true stories of students that persevered through their own Math challenges, to serve as a reminder of why they can do the same.

Here's a course sample:

About the course creator: Ava Sharma

Ava Sharma is a Private Math tutor, a Mindset coach for students, and the author of empowerment and influencing courses for students, parents and educators. 

After graduating from Wayne State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Ava was all set to trek down the career path of an Actuary, studying and taking the actuarial exams, while working as a private Math tutor. However, by the time she passed the first exam, she'd had a change of heart and decided that she preferred the teaching work.

Now, with over 14 years of experience, Ava has helped hundreds of students, ranging from 3rd grade to college level, develop confidence in their academic abilities and realize their Math potential. Working one-on-one with students has allowed her to perceive the types of underlying concerns students struggle with, and try a variety of strategies for helping them persevere with great success.

Ava discusses how this course helps struggling students develop intrinsic motivation:


1. Former "unmotivated" student's POV:

When I had first started working on this course, I wanted to ensure that it would truly address the deeper concerns that many students have when it comes to learning.

Since teenagers are rarely forthcoming about their underlying emotions (or lack the awareness to articulate them), I decided to go to a different type of source - a friend of mine who was one of these students in high school.  

Despite being a student who cared about maintaining good grades and having access to capable people who were willing to help her in Math, my friend, Michelle, would often shut down when learning.

As I asked her questions, she spilled the beans on what was really going on in her mind back then, why she would put her guard up, what her values and motivations were like at that time, and what kind of information, had it been provided, could have inspired a positive change in her mindset and given her the energy to not give up on herself in Math.

Her valuable insights contributed greatly to the contents and structure of this course, for which I am very grateful.  

Naturally, after I’d finished creating the course, I asked her to review it.

Here is my friend’s flattering testimonial:

2. "I really liked the course...":

3. "Mindset... It's the piece that's missing."

-Sharon, mother of high school sophomore.

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Is this course taught live or is it self directed? 

This course is self directed, as it is designed to be private and convenient for the student. However, I highly recommend parents get involved in the course as well and engage in discussions about each lesson with their child, especially for students who need some extra accountability. I’ve included discussion questions and exercises that can be used by anyone guiding and coaching the students through the course.

I also offer weekly office hours for students for the first 8 weeks after they enroll, where they can sign up for a chat, and I'm happy to answer their questions and assist however I can.

How much time does the course take per week? Will the student have time for it?

The course is about 2.5 hours in total, and I’d recommend setting aside 30 mins per week for it.

Can this course be substituted for tutoring?

If the student is struggling with understanding specific concepts, then no, this course doesn't teach Math concepts directly and they may still benefit from a live tutor. However, this course is a great supplement to any Math tutoring or course, as it teaches students how to learn and study for Math effectively and overcome their trepidations.

What if I have questions while taking the course, can I contact you?

Yes, I'm happy to answer any questions you have about the course. Send me an email: [email protected]

What if my student doesn't like the course?

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